Video Recording Process (with SD Card)




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    Ron Coulas

    With the CW007 my camera uses 2.6 GB...therefore about 12 days on a 32GB card, Don't understand why...possibly because my modem/router is 500gb/20gb.

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    DA Human

    How do I get the camera to record onto the SD card? When I hit the record button, it just records on my device and not the camera SD Card?


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    Lynn Swanson

    I just got a CW010 and put a 128gb sd card in.  I cannot get the camera to recognize the sd card and cannot get any playback other than still photos which I believe are saved to my phone not the sd card.  Is 128 gb to big for this camera?  What's up with this?

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    J C

    It sucks. Returning it ASAP!

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