How to set up Geeni smart light/bulb?




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    Mark Rector

    I wanted to say thank you very much. This article helped me fix my problem. The issue is that on the app when you are pairing your phone with the bulb it only shows you a field to enter A password. I assumed it meant my GEENIE password and entered that. While reading the instructions on this page it TELLS you to enter your WIFI password. After doing that everything worked perfectly. Someone should adjust the APP so everyone will know which password to fill in before the pairing process.

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    Luis Flores

    I can’t sign in to the app

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    I have no issues connecting the bulbs to my network. But after an update, i cant no longer select the bulb and i cant configure timers or on/off schedules, or even choose the color. I kept updating my iPhone app hoping the next update would fix it, im still unable to. I have 4 different bulbs and none of them can be configured anymore. I also have 2 power strips, product or software is trash, ill let you decide which one is it.

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    Charlie Campbell

    I have tried the AP mode for days and it is not working. I had to reset my light because it lost connection. The Easy Mode does not work for me and the AP mode USED to work. Not sure what is going on...


    But what happens is that when I get to STEP 4 in the AP setup mode, the wizard is correct, it asks me to connect to my devises hot spot..."Merkury-98C". When I do that though, it takes me to the WI-FI SETTINGS on my phone. I select the Merkury device and it asks me for a password. No password is provided in the documentation. I reached out to support before and they told me the password to enter is my network password. That does not work either. 


    Any one have any insight?


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    Ian Densmore

    Sorry, this bulb sucks. I've reset numerous times. Tried the easy mode, tried AP mode, fails to connect. My house is full of smart devices with no connection problem. This is a failure. Now I'm stuck with two non functioning bulbs.

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    reynold jabbour

    so now imagine this case. I am on a business trip. I loose my phone, and just found out that I canNOT login from a browser and see my bulbs condition. What the heck were the engineers thinking, How about html5 or something that is constant between the iPhone app and any browser. Keep the seeding simple and stupid proof. KISS?

    The browser / internet login does not allow me to see or control my devices! Great design. what was the point behind having a strong password etc... in the first place if I have an iPhone? I lock my iPhone and all I need to remember is how to access the phone. everything else show not require a password sin that case. Instead I have password hell management problems. For every automation devices that I chose I have got to have a different login/ password combo to remember. Also i need to program alexa and all other voice activated things with this junk password combo. Time the industry lead with a simple, scalable , easy solution that does not introduce this level of complexity to consumers. Just my 2 cents....

    You lost me as a customer... :-(


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    Charlie I too am having issues like this. I bought this for Christmas thinking I could use it without internet however it seems the app needs internet access all the time which does not work for mu situation as I do not have internet however I do have a wireless router (network) that I use for other wireless applications. I was hoping I could use the bulb in either AP mode or without internet. Any insight into this is good. I'm receiving a network error 50504 if I try to connect to my existing wifi.

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    Michael Motley Jr

    I should've came here 1st lol below is what I just sent emailed customer service. I purchased the bulbs Dec 26 2018 after work around 1030pm. The email was written Dec 27th 2018 at 145am. Anyone after my post that has had this happen, reply to me and I'll be more than happy to tell you what was told to me. Anyone THINKING of purchasing the bulbs after reading the replays if any, check in every now and then.

    I just purchased 4 of your light bulbs, "Smart Wi-Fi LED BULB Color + White" I spent almost an hour connecting 1 light bulb so I decided to try again with another bulb. The second bulb connected about 10 to 15 minutes. Now this the funny part, the 1st bulb I started with in the same room and same wifi network, I removed it from my ceiling fan light socket and put it in a  lamp like the second one which is connected to the network. I reset the bulb from the ceiling fan and tried to connect again. Guess what, yep no connection. 

    Now I decide to take the two unopened remaining bulbs and take them to the livingroom where the router is closest, and yes it's the same router that 1 bulb is connected to that is the FARTHEST away. Now I have both of the bulbs in the livingroom installed, app open to add bulbs, and guess what, yep you guessed it again NO CONNECTION!!!!! 

    I reset all 3 non connecting bulbs to slow blink, fast blink and I even unplugged the modem and router and still NO CONNECTION!!!!

    I've been trying to connect these damn bulbs since I got off work last night at 11pm and it is now 2 in the am!!! 

    Please explain to me how only 1 out of 4 bulbs are connected, when 2 are damn near sitting on top of the router and the other 2 are on the other side of my house and out of those 2, only 1 is connected?!

    Hopefully I'll hear from someone in customer support from either Geeni or Merkury before I return these bulbs.

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    Sam Mayweather

    I can't even add my light bulb to the app, it says failed to add every time. Packing them up & returning then to the store NOW!!

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    Angel Aja

    I purchased 3 for my kids on Christmas. All of them failing to add, every time. In different rooms . I am returning them and getting the kind with the remotes. This is crap...

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    Patrick Haines

    Purchased product fought with it for over an hour to connect.  bulb stopped blinking every time like it was going to work and the app would say failed to connect every single time.  Will be returning the product if it doesn't work.

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    Jeremy Belknap

    I've been using this amazing product 3 bulbs with no issue for a month,  using my Google assistant to turn on and off, brightness ect.... all of a sudden tonight they stopped working with Google,  my app works fine with them but no connection with Google for some reason. Please help?

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    Gina Altman Fowler

    Same issue here. Stopped working tonight with assistant. Reset several times but still the same problem.

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    Jeremy Belknap

    So I wonder what to do, I've reset many times also. Totally lost here.

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    Jeremy and Gina, same thing happened to me. I signed out of greeni in google home, and signed back in...problem solved.

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