How to set up Geeni smart light/bulb?




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    Mark Rector

    I wanted to say thank you very much. This article helped me fix my problem. The issue is that on the app when you are pairing your phone with the bulb it only shows you a field to enter A password. I assumed it meant my GEENIE password and entered that. While reading the instructions on this page it TELLS you to enter your WIFI password. After doing that everything worked perfectly. Someone should adjust the APP so everyone will know which password to fill in before the pairing process.

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    Luis Flores

    I can’t sign in to the app

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    I have no issues connecting the bulbs to my network. But after an update, i cant no longer select the bulb and i cant configure timers or on/off schedules, or even choose the color. I kept updating my iPhone app hoping the next update would fix it, im still unable to. I have 4 different bulbs and none of them can be configured anymore. I also have 2 power strips, product or software is trash, ill let you decide which one is it.

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