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    I cant connect my google home app

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    Me neither

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    Parrish Smith

    Okay I have all three of them connected for at least 30 minutes 10 days stop two of them gave me a blue blinking light and the third one just turned completely red what do I do

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    Haley Ellis

    I can not get my humidifier to show an indicator light and have been on the phone for an hour waiting for someone

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    Michael Wright

    I cannot get camera and light connect

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    Joey Pugh

    App stopped working today, something about api issues, and common users not having access. Very frustrating

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    Rachel Wood (Rea)

    Right out of the box, the instructions do not align with the device. Several support requests made, but no response and no tech support hotline. Returning to the retailer.

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    Brenda Swauger

    I bought cameras and can not get them to down load on my phone or contact no one this sucks!

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