How to set up Geeni smart wi-fi plug?




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    Darrell Knight

    Download.  Geeni app.    

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    James Wood

    Will not connect in Easy Mode or AP Mode.

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    Mike Reeves

    I spent $60 on 2 plugs and 2 ( 2 pack ) lights.  None of them will connect and always show failed when trying to add with the app.  It's a total shame and looks like the app needs fixed.  I really wanted these to work, however they are a total fail.  Going back to Walmart for a refund.

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    Pawel Cuper

    It does not work!! I am sick of this!!
    I tried app mode, easy mode, reseting multiple times.
    "failed to add".
    This is a freaking joke. I am on android 8.0

    I am fuming at this point. Any ACTUAL solutions?!

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    juju lulu

    It could be issue with modem. I had the bulb and it was failed to connect until I used my tablet for hotspot and got it to work. It's ashame that using tablet hotspot takes up my limited data. 

    Definitely going back to return shelves. 

    I even called the provider for tech support. They tweaked and tweaked and reset modem to no avail. 

    My modem has both 2.4ghz and 5ghz. I tried both and failed. When used with hotspot from tablet or iphone, they both work.

    It is a modem compatibility issue.

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    Russell Wilson

    If your modem supports 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, your best bet is to disable the 5Ghz band during setup. Once your plug is configured, re-enable 5Ghz. I don't know the technical reasons for this, but I can only imagine that the plug, and the device you are using to set it up, need to not only be on the same 2.4 Ghz network, but also be broadcasting the same frequency. The device you're using is likely using the 5Ghz band.

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    Michael Easter

    Annoying as hell, but I noticed in easy mode the light would stop blinking half way through searching. Resetting the plug after it stopped blinking, but before the search finished made it work for me...

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    Joseph East

    Yeah this is a fail for me as well. Was hoping to help the less common company.

    I disabled my 5ghz and restarted my cell phone and the geenie still show no wifi network, or tries to hide my password like in the instructions.

    I am going to try their tech sport and if no luck, will return.



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    Joseph East

    Well, got help by calling in.

    It seems like it does not like my dual band router using one SSID & password for both 2.4 & 5ghz networks.
    But also I had to allow location and a few other things on the android app geenie.
    As of now it is working and I will try turning off a few of the app s tuff to see if it stays connected.

    Thanks Geenie support - Ben 

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