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    Caller +1 (719) 821-3205

    Over the past week I have called support and after a week was told my device was defective and was given instructions to submit name, address, geeni app username, and pictures of the product in order to receive a replaceent product.   Spoke with Jane who basically said wait for another email from a different dept.  I asked for a phone numner to contact them and was told no and basically was treated rudely.   SHOTTY CUSTOMER SERVICE beware of the endless cycle of runaround without and real resolution.  Next coplaint to BBB and will tell my story to at any site I can rate and warn others!!!  Thanks for a waste of time


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    Ricky Bonnell

    I will be posting my own poor experience on retailer sites as well. Standard runaround tactics for warranty... ask enough questions over and over again until the customer doesn't want to waste anymore time..... thinking this is beneficial in the long run. When really, it will hurt them. Go for a more established brand since my experience is that the products ail prematurely and they will not warranty. 

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