Geeni plug Cannot connect to Wi-Fi network.




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    To logon onto a WiFi network you need two pieces of information: SSID and password. The app prompts for the password, but does not provide a place to enter the SSID. How do you enter the SSID?  

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    I looks like it is automatically pulled from your device. Whatever network you are connected to on your phone or tablet is the one it will use to connect and request the password for.

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    Rachel Wood (Rea)

    This article is ridiculous and provides no information for troubleshooting. Obviously, I've ensured the wifi is working properly and that I'm using the right password.

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    Will Dwyer

    I agree with Rachel Wood. Thank you Captain Obvious. It is painfully obvious to me that the people responsible for authoring this knowledge base grew up speaking a language other than English, just like their support representatives on the telephone. The corporate headquarters for Merkury Innovations is 2 blocks from the office of President George Washington and they can't even hire Americans.

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