LUX 800 Smart White LED Bulb (GN-BW902-999)



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    Jim Krafchik


    I was given a Geeni Lux 800 bw902 smart bulb for Christmas 2018. Unlike others who have written reviews, I had no trouble connecting to the network. I was able to turn the bulb on and off from my cell phone using the Geeni App and I was able to connect to Google Home and use voice commands to turn the bub on and off.

    Scheduling was another issue entirely!

    The icon for scheduling Geeni bulbs is almost invisible on my cell phone screen. (Later, I was with my son explaining how to schedule his Geeni plug. The Geeni Plug "scheduling" is totally different than the bulb, and the Geeni Plug is relatively easy to program!) But that was only the beginning of the scheduling problems for the Geeni bulb.

    Once you find the scheduling icon (a little timer, or clock icon) which in my case is hiding just to the right of the "off" icon on the 'Dimming the Light' screen, you are on your way to programming the light to come on, and go off, at times that you chose. 

    The manufacturer assumes that you own several bulbs, so all programming is in "scenes." 

    I had to get online help to figure out how to set up a schedule! I consider myself relatively tech-savvy, but the process wasn't intuitive to me. Each step is a separate screen. In my mind, the start time (ON), the end time (OFF), and the days of the week for the event to happen ALL should have been on one screen. 

    I do like the sunset and sunrise choices for starting or ending times. That's a nice feature.

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