How to set up Geeni 720p Wi-Fi Camera?




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    ChantallyWagg Cazares

    still doesn't want to connect

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    Steven Cheever-Perry

    I was able to get my WiFi camera connected however it needed a software upgrade and it failed the update 3 times. I followed the reset process however the camera will no longer beep, it will only stay on solid red and now it acts like I’m not even pushing the reset button.

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    Lori Mellin

    My camera set up fine at first, then several days later showed offline no matter what I tried. I finally uninstalled the app and reinstalled, trying to start over. Now the camera won't link to my phone, either in easy mode or with the advanced Q code scan. No answer from tech support in two days


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    Eric Biera

    The Geeni cam is trash!

    The best thing to do is take the trash cam back to the store and get your money back glad I only paid 5 bucks for this junk.


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    Juane Hill

    I’m experiencing the same issue as the previous users. I can’t install the software update or have the camera connect to WiFi anymore. I’ve followed the instructions several times as an attempt to reset the camera with no luck. Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

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    Teresa Ann Hanson

    I have t h e same problem it will not connect no mstter what i do..very disappointed itsva piece of junk

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    Tim Berry

    Sorry there are troubles with this. Just a note saying my 2 cameras and 1 plug have been working as advertised for a month or 2, that includes the updates that were installed today so far. The updates took only a few minutes at most.

    I am having trouble with a diffeerent aspect, controlling with google assistant but thats a story for another thread I think.


    Good luck to us all.

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