How to set up Geeni 720p Wi-Fi Camera?




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    ChantallyWagg Cazares

    still doesn't want to connect

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    Steven Cheever-Perry

    I was able to get my WiFi camera connected however it needed a software upgrade and it failed the update 3 times. I followed the reset process however the camera will no longer beep, it will only stay on solid red and now it acts like I’m not even pushing the reset button.

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    Lori Mellin

    My camera set up fine at first, then several days later showed offline no matter what I tried. I finally uninstalled the app and reinstalled, trying to start over. Now the camera won't link to my phone, either in easy mode or with the advanced Q code scan. No answer from tech support in two days


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    Eric Biera

    The Geeni cam is trash!

    The best thing to do is take the trash cam back to the store and get your money back glad I only paid 5 bucks for this junk.


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