How to change the color of the Geeni lights?




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    Joel Coehoorn

    It really kinda sucks you can't create a scene to remember a specific color. 

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    Jack Wad

    wheres the color tab, i came here to change color and your fkn page says to click color button there is none. Brilliant, back to return this piece of shit.

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    Justin Smith

    So far the app does what it is supposed to. My only complaint really is that the scene creation and automation functionality are not as intuitive as one might like, (ie choosing colors for specific scenes with multiple bulbs set up). I also wish that there were more light function options, like the ability to have lights flash or fade in and out without having to use the preset scenes. Hopefully some functionality like this will come in the future, but so far the app works fairly well and connects well with Google Assistant, with the exception of not being able to ask for scenes through the assistant. I'll be doing a video review shortly on my YouTube channel, Justinitiative.

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    Jason Jaye

    Justin Smith.... yes!!! All of my yes!!

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    Belinda Swain

    Why did the color "wheel" change to an arc in the app? The wheel gave better control for picking a specific color than the arc does. I'm really disappointed in this change.

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    Madison Lange

    How do you even see the arc? I bought the RGB bulbs and don’t have that option

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