How to check firmware update for Geeni devices in the Geeni App?




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    Gonzalo Piffaretti

    A prompt was displayed to update firmware. It failed at 99% when it was updating connection module. Now it blink really fast and with low intensity. Cant connect and cant reset by turning on and off several times. Model is Smart BR30 wifi led color light.

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    Jacquie Hovind

    My brand new devices requested I update the firmware. 2 out of the 3 failed right before 100% and now no longer work. I'm not trying it on the third camera. Please advise what to do to fix this issue.

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    Steven Cheever-Perry

    I am having the exact same issue. I tried calling them today however no one is available however I called at 10am EST. I left a message. I have emailed support and messaged support thru the app. Going back to return the cameras and get new ones.

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