The bulb appears offline or unreachable, what should I do?




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    Daniel Isaac

    How are you supposed to update the firmware... if the bulb is offline? Doesn't the bulb have to be online/reachable to update it in the first place?

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    Ashley Penhollow

    I'm new to the smart bulb and already frustrated with it. 2 mornings in a row it's indicating offline. 1st time it came right back, however the 2nd morning unsuccessful! I removed the lights and restarted the entire process which was unsuccessful. I ended up removing the lights and put 1 in a different spot and had to go through a whole other process to get it set up. Not very impressed!!

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    Almost every time I open the app it tells me my light and plugs are "Offline." This started recently. Before they worked perfectly every time. Now the app and devices are worthless and are always offline. I have tried reseting the devices multiple times, following the reset instructions, deleting and reinstalling the Geeni app. Same results. Almost every time I open the app everything is "Offline."

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