After the new update my Geeni app is not responding what should I do?




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    William Fong


    Not sure what happened, but the Geeni app was not working with my lights all of a sudden.

    App was not responsive and Google Home could not connect to the Geeni.

    I had to delete the app from the Playstore and re-install.

    Now the app is working, but had to register again.

    None of my existing smart products are recognized and require to be set up again.

    Due to the location of some of the smart bulbs, it makes it difficult to do.

    Not happy with this situation!



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    Simon Brown

    I am having similar issues with my cameras.  I wish I could delete them from the app and start over but the app does not have the option.



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    Charles D Rogers

    Still not working. This company is incapable. I have not trouble with Kasa TP link. I'll go back to them. 

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