What is the use of Micro SD Card?




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    My sd sd card was formatted by the camera itself, although it says "success" every time I want to use playback it says nothing recorded. The first time I tryed it said to activate motion detection, so I did. Then I go to options, sd card and is comes up "success" no sd card detected.

    Which is it? And how is it fixed?

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    Bob Cunningham

    There appears to be no humans here at all...  there will be a human returning my money when I get back to the store. My SD does not work, and I sure as hell am not sitting watching my camera 24 -7


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    David Voy

    I been having issues with the PLAYBACK option too, it constantly SPINS and says RETRIEVING VIDEO STREAM.  Nothing shows up.

    Also , I say "Hey Google, show me the CAMERA on Big TV, surprisingly it tries too, even see a similar SPINNING with "LOADING STREAM" on my TV,  but nothing shows up. 

    Also , I say "Alexa, show CAMERA , surprisingly it also tries too, 3 DOT Progress indicator with "Waiting FOR GEENI" on my TV,  but nothing shows up. 


    Camera seems to be nice, but seems APP Support or some Camera features are BUGGY????  Hope they resolve soon.


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    Brandon McMillan

    The so card shows data saved, fills card, but through app it says no video today. It will not show me recorded video. What's wrong with playback?

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    DA Human

    This Camera is cheap junk for the price you pay... no SD card recording, missing options, no PC support... nothing works the way it's suppose too! I won't be buying another one!

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